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- Ronette Gehring, Phillip Schumm, Mina Youssef, Caterina Scoglio, "A network-based approach for resistance transmission in bacterial populations" Journal of Theoretical Biology 262(2010)97–106 PDF

Margosian et al. 2009. Connectivity of the American agricultural landscape: Assessing the national risk of crop pest and disease spread. BioScience. LINK

- X. Porcasi, G. Calderon, M. Lamfri, N. Gardenal, J. Polop, M. Sabattini, C.M. Scavuzzo, "The use of satellite data in modeling population dynamics and prevalence of infection in the rodent reservoir of Junin virus" Ecological Modelling 185 (2005) 437–449 PDF

Epidemiology at K-State

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