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Meetings have been every other Wednesday, 2:00-2:50, Throckmorton 4023 (Plant Pathology Hansing Library)

Next Meeting

To be determined - please see doodle poll at the following address to help determine times/dates for summer meetings

Upcoming Meetings

To be determined

Previous Meetings

28 April - Doug Goodin,

"The use of satellite data in modeling population dynamics and prevalence of infection in the rodent reservoir of Junin virus"

Paper available under Documents and Papers

14 April - Sweta Sutrave and colleagues

Sampling strategies for invasive pathogens: Identifying highly connected counties compensates for resource limitations when studying national epidemics of soybean rust Presubmission manuscript

31 March - Karen Garrett

Jonkers et al. 2010. Preventable H5N1 avian influenza epidemics in the British poultry industry network exhibit characteristic scales. Journal of the Royal Society Interface.

Secondary paper: Margosian et al. 2009. Connectivity of the American agricultural landscape: Assessing the national risk of crop pest and disease spread. BioScience. LINK

Epidemiology at K-State

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