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Network Science and Engineering Group

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Kansas State University
Electrical and Computer Engineering
2061 Rathbone Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone: (785) 532-5600
Fax: (785) 532-1188
Hours: 8 am-12pm, 1pm-5pm M-F

Network Science and Engineering Group

This group (formerly Sunflower Networking Group) is comprised of three faculty members and several students of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department who perform research related to networks. The NetSE group aims at conducting fundamental research in cutting-edge network theory problems, and at developing solutions to state-of-the-art real-world problems in the computer networks field and in the infectious diseases modeling field. General areas of interest include network theory, complex networks modeling and analysis, as well as computer network design and optimization.


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  • Heman Shakeri has just published a new paper:
    H, Shakeri, P. Poggi-Corradini, C. Scoglio, N. Albin
    Generalized network measures based on modulus of families of walks
    Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics, Available online 2 February 2016

 Congratulations Heman!