John Sherrell

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Masters Student and Graduate Research Assistant under Dr. Don Gruenbacher

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kansas State University

John is thrilled to finally have a degree!

Contact Information

Email: jms7373 [at] ksu [dot] edu

Office: (031 Rathbone)


  • Contractor/Summer Intern, Kansas State University, Summer 2007. Worked at Sandia National Laboratories developing a Parallel FTP model for OPNET.
  • Undergraduate Honors Research, Kansas State University, Spring 2007. Created a distributed hash table model for OPNET. The model was programmed entirely in C, and loosely implements algorithms used by the Chord and DHash protocols.
  • Web Programmer, GTM Sportswear, Manhattan, KS, April 2006 - May 2007. Developed a custom web store and online account management interface. Gained experience in database management and web programming, including XML, XSL, DOM, SQL, PHP, ASP, and JavaScript.


Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, Kansas State University

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