Kansas State University Robotic Competition Team started as a group of students interested in Battlebots. That show is now off the air, and the grass roots organization that started it has come back to life. After two years, we wanted expanded to other robotic competitions and haven't looked back since.

The idea behind KSURCT is to provide a venue for creative, inventive and industrious students to participate in robotic competitions against other universities or teams. Currently few university teams exist; we are hoping to change that!! In the mean time we compete at robotic competitions held across the nation.

Originally, all of our mechanical gladiators were remote controlled; The Spring 2005 semester changed that. We are entered the Region 5 IEEE Robot Competition, an autonomous robot competition. The team is excited to embark on this new yearly challenge and it has brought in many new design issues to challenge the team.

Additionally, KSURCT has continued to promote the use of robotics in education by supporting FIRST Robotics and KSU College of Education's Kansas Robot League (KRL).

Membership is open to ALL students of Kansas State University. The only prerequisites are the desire to build, and the desire to learn! And it doesn't hurt if you want to dismantle, destroy or break something!!! ;-)

How to Join

Joining KSURCT can be accomplished in any of the following ways:

  • send an email to ksurct@ksu.edu stating that you wish to join.
  • attend any of our meetings and talk to one of the officers.

Signing up for our listserv can be done by sending an email to listserv@listserv.ksu.edu with the first line of the message being

sub ksurct-L

for example John Smith would send an email saying

sub ksurct-L John Smith


(email addresses are not normally written due to spam avoidance)

President: Matt Morley

Treasurer: Cochise Fant

Email: ksurct@ksu.edu
Office: Rathbone 0044