IEEE Region 5 Homepage - Homepage of the IEEE Region 5 robotics competition.

RoboGames - Has many different types of competitions, from beginner to advanced.

Other Robotics Organizations

Robot Fighting League - The RFL is an organized effort to hold all robotic combat clubs to the same safety standards.

Team Cosmos - A Member of MURC, the team members show great sportsmanship and are always willing to share knowledge.

Team DaVinci - This team has done its homework, and has well organized links to many places bots related.

Robotics Hardware Information

Getting Started Information

How to Solder - Video on learning how to solder correctly.

AVR and Robotics - A good place to go to find a collection of robot electronics information.

Anodizing Aluminum - Guide to anodizing aluminum.

Anodizing Titanium - Guide to anodizing titanium.

4QD-TEC - Information on using Pulse Width Modulation Circuitry.

DC Motor-Driver - A good Introduction to Motor Speed Controller Design

MOSFET H-Bridge Schematic - Another Good Source for Motor Speed Controller Designing (H-Bridge)

Battery Information

Battery Comparison - Information concerning all sorts of batteries and how they stand against each other.

Motor Information

Hobby Engineering,
ServoCity - Motor and servo information and sources.

lrk-torquemax - Information on using motors from CD-ROM drives.

Understanding Gear Reduction - Information on calculated gearing for motors.

SPD/SI - Information on purchasing gears and transmissions.

Radios / Electronics

4-Channel FM Radio - 4-Channel FM Surface Radio System - This radio is a great start for beginner or those on a budget. Only about $60.00! The GWS 4 channel is avalible cheaper at banebots.

UberBots - These robotic kits come with two sumo style robots with multi-degree of freedom and channel changing functionality making a great hack for someone looking for a cheap radio.

Lynxmotion - This article tells you how to mod a wireless PS2 controller for use as a robot radio. They even sell a lynxmotion PS2 controller for under $20.00!

Raw Materials / Parts

McMaster-Carr - This is our favorite website. They have a HUGE selection of inventory and most parts arrive the next day after ordered. They are great for metals, springs, screws, actuators, and nearly everything else you could need.

Small Parts - Small Parts allows orders in smaller quantities making them cheaper for some items than McMaster (like Titanium sheet).

Bot Parts - Aimed at providing parts specifically for bot building, they also have links to events and other organizations.

Metal Express - Metal, metal, and more metal. If you can't get it here, you don't need it.

Clippard - A good source for pneumatic parts.

Skarda - They handle metal extrusions and power transfer items. Best thing is that they are one of our sponsors!

MSC - If McMaster-Carr doesn't have it, these guys do.

Grainger - Great industrial supply place. Has many parts that McMaster may not.

Robotics Software Information

Microcontroller-Specific Programming

Reynolds Electronics - PIC programming basics.

Basic Stamp 2 - BS2 Tutorial.

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