Current Students:

Chelsea Kovala, M.S. - Research Topic: Q-enhanced filters with fine tuning.

Andy Fund, M.S. - Research Topic: Cryogenic electronics in Peregrine process.

Steve Melton, M.S. - Research Topic: Cryogenic electronics in Peregrine process.

2011 Graduates:

Wes Burress, M.S. - Research Topic: Noise in IC Design

Ryan Eatinger, M.S. - ESD Circuits for ICs

2010 Graduates:

Joel Schonberger, M.S. - Fourth-Order Q-Enhanced Band-pass Filter Tuning Algorithm Implementation and Considerations

Keith Albers, M.S. - Noise Characterization of Transistors in 0.25μm and 0.5μm Silicon-on-Sapphire Processes

2009 Graduates:

Daniel Allegre, M.S. - Reducing Phase Noise and Spurious Tones in Fractional-N Synthesizers

Xiaohu Zhang, M.S. - VHF & UHF Energy Harvesting Radio System Physical and MAC Layer Considerations

Tyler H. Van Slyke, M.S. - Technical Considerations for Co-Locating UWB and GPS Radios

2008 Graduates:

Jeongmin Jeon, Ph.D. - Integrated UHF CMOS Power Amplifiers in Silicon-on-Insulator Process

2007 Graduates:

Renee Strouts, M.S. - Automatic Tuning of Q-Enhanced Integrated Differential Bandpass Filters in a Silicon-on-Sapphire Process

Adam Boutz, M.S. - Iductors in LTCC Utilizing Full Tape Thickness Features

2006 Graduates:

Travis Mendenhall, M.S. -

2005 Graduates:

Mark A. Hartter, M.S. - RFIC Components for Full Integration of MESFET-Based Gallium Arsenide Transmitters

Kai Wai (Tommy) Wong, M.S. - A Fully Integrated Transmitter Design in Silicon-on-Sapphire Process

2004 Graduates:

Yogesh Tugnawat, M.S. - Low Temperature Performance of Commerical-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Electronic Components for Future Mars Missions

Kurt A. Sandquist, M.S. - Design of a Wireless Power and Data Link for a Cranially-Implanted Neural Prosthesis

Xin He, Ph.D. - Fully Integrated Transceiver Design in SOI Processes

2003 Graduates:

Jeongmin Jeon, M.S. - Class-A/D Approach for CMOS High Efficiency RF Power Amplifier

2002 Graduates:

Aaron W. Orsborne, M.S. - Noise Analysis and Automatic Tuning of Q-Enhanced LC Bandpass Filters

Matthew C. Peterson, M.S. - Assisted Phase-Lock Acquisition Method for Integer-N Charge-Pump Phase-Lock Loops

2001 Graduates:

Shobak R. Kythakyapuzha, M.S. - Modeling of Spiral Inductors and Transformers

Noureddin Ibrahim, M.S. - Research Topic: Inductor Q-Factor

Aziza Hussein, Ph.D. - Research Topic: RF Bandpass Sampling and Sigma-Delta Converter

Nesreen Alsbou, M.S. - Research Topic: FM Demodulation

2000 Graduates:

Eric A. Shumaker, M.S. - High-Speed Data Isolator for System-On-A-Chip Applications

1998 Graduates:

Naveen Yanduru, M.S. - Research Topic: Q-Enhanced 2-Pole Filter