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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Alumni and Partners

The department places great value in its alumni and other partners from industry and government as it strives to improve the quality of its undergraduate and graduate programs.  The ECE Advisory Council serves as one role in providing guidance to the department for both the educational and research aspects.

 Advisory Concil

2014-2015 Advisory Council


The College of Engineering annually recognizes alumni with two different awards.


Hall of Fame
Induction to the Hall of Fame is the highest honor bestowed on alumni by the college.
The honorees are recognized for their professional success and accomplishment,
active involvement with the support of the College of Engineering, dedication to
Kansas State University and professional and public service.

Recent ECE Recipients

2010 - Lou Von Thayer (1983 EE), President of General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems

2010 - Donald Lenhert (1956 EE), Emeritus Professor, Kansas State University Electrical and Computer Engineering


Professional Progress Awards

Professional Progress Awards honor career accomplishment during the first 20 years following graduation.

Recent ECE Recipients

2011 - David Compton (1990 EE), President of Engineering, Cerner Corporation

2011 - Deborah Crawford (1992 EE), Vice President of Application Development and Product Engineering, PAETEC

2010 - Carl Huslig (1991 EE), President of ITC Great Plains

2009 - Kenton Epard (1994 EE), Co-Founder of Airstream Energy

2009 - Marc Machin (1991 EE), Vice President of Information Technology, NetApp

2007 - Jeff Thetge (1988 EE), Senior Vice President, Infrasource

2007 - Tracy Olivier (1989 EE), Engineering Manager, Garmin

2006 - Bob Wald (1986 EE), Chief Operating Officer, In-Knowvation

2006 - Philip Bullinger (1987 EE)

2005 - Kevin Schoen (1985 EE), Vice President of Manufacturing, General Mills Inc.

2004 - Ramiro Jordan (1985 M.S. EE), Executive Director, University of New Mexico

2004 - Dave Abrams (1985 EE), Vice President, Black & Veatch Corporation

2003 - Don Gemaehlich (1983 EE), Senior Technical Manager for Software, General Dynamics

2003 - Ray Hrdy (1984 EE), Chief Technology Officer, Englighten Net

2002 - John Rasure (1981 EE), The Mind Research Network

2001 - Earl Creel (1980 EE), Technical Managner, Sandia National Labs

2000 - Sue Barsamian (1981 EE), GM  & SVP of Technology Serices, Hewlett Packard