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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Why ECE?

Do you like computers, cell phones, gaming systems, audio systems or electronic gadgets?  What about electronics smaller than a human hair?  Or maybe gigawatt power plants intrigue you?  Have you ever wondered how biological signals are monitored in hospitals?  If you have ever been curious about how these things work then a degree in electrical or computer engineering may be for you!

By becoming a student in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Kansas State University, you will be equipped with the knowledge and technical skills necessary to excel in an electrical or computer engineering career.  At Kansas State, all ECE courses (graduate and undergraduate) are taught by professors who strive to create a rich learning experience which combines theory with real-world examples.  K-State has the largest ECE department in the state of Kansas, yet still maintains an average class size of 30 students which creates an intimate, family-like learning community. 

Many of our award-winning professors have industry experience which lays the foundations necessary for combining classical theory with real-world applications.  This background facilitates a deep understanding and provides the experience necessary for a student to become a successful engineer.  Up-to-date lab facilities enhance and reinforce key theories taught in the classroom and equip students with the skills required for a career in electrical or computer engineering.

Cutting-edge research ensures that the ECE curriculum is dynamic and up-to-date with the latest theories and technologies.  Opportunities exist for undergraduate students to conduct research side-by-side with graduate students and faculty which can be invaluable if a student wishes to pursue advanced degrees.

Are you thinking about pursuing a graduate degree in electrical or computer engineering?  Are you looking forward to a challenging, exciting and financially rewarding career in research and development?  Then come and work side-by-side with our internationally renowned faculty!  With over 20 faculty representing a wide array of research areas, the KSU ECE department provides graduate students are able to find a diverse set of courses and research in which to specialize.

Kansas State University - ECE - Introduction

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