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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Personal Webpage of Kenneth Carpenter

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Kansas State University

If you would like to have more information than is available here, or need to reach me for other reasons, please send email to khc at ksu.edu (Note: make this a real email address - "at" was spelled out here to try to keep the spam down.)
(Note: I read mail under Linux and may miss attachments sent from some mailers. Any attachments requiring Microsoft Windows software to view will be ignored. Send anything you want me to see in plain text form.)
Please do not send me applications for graduate school or for financial aid of any kind. Instead, refer to the EECE Graduate Program web site and send email inquiries to grad@ece.ksu.edu

General information:

On August 15, 2009, I retired from my position at K-State. As a Professor Emeritus, I may be on campus at times, but when I am I will be doing externally funded research.


Class notes and text supplements

(These documents were written by me for use with classes. They are placed here for anyone who might find them useful.)

Free Software:

(These links are placed here for the convenience of students. They do not point to software written by me. Some may be out of date. Check the primary sources if in doubt.)