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James Devault

James Devault
 2084 Rathbone Hall
 (785) 532-4594
Research Interests: 
Analog and Digital Electronics, Autonomous Mobile Robotics, Electro-Acoustics,Instrumentation



MSE(EE). 1977, University of Michigan.
MSBA. 1971, Michigan Technological University

Other Courses Taught

EECE526 Electronics 2

EECE530 Con Systems Design

EECE628 Elect Instrumen

EECE645 Digital Electronics

EECE690 Prb/Elect Engg

EECE690 Prb/Mobile Robotics


Research Interests

Analog and Digital Electronics

Autonomous Mobile Robotics



Selected Publications

Krishnaswami, P., Vaze S., De Vault, J., "Modeling of Multidisciplinary Multibody Dynamic Systems," World Congress on Computation Mechanics, WCCM VII, July 2006.


Vaze, S.A.; DeVault, J.E.; Krishnaswami, P., " Component Based Modeling of Electromechanically Systems," Proceeding of IDETC/CIE : ASME 2005 International Desing Engineering Technical Conference & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference ,Long Beach, California, USA,2005.


Vaze, S.A.; DeVault, J.E.; Krishnaswami, P., "Modeling of hybrid electromechanical systems using a component-based approach", Mechatronics and Automation, 2005 IEEE International Conference Volume 1, 29 July-1 Aug. 2005 Page(s):204 - 209 Vol. 1.



Senior Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 1994.

Member, America Society for Engineering Education (ASEE), 1979-present.


Eta Kappa Nu Distinguished Faculty Award 1993, 1995,1996,1999.

Hollis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, K-State College of Engineering, 2006.

Myers-Alford Memorial Teaching Award, K-State College of Engineering, 2007.

American Society of Engineering Education Award for Excellence in Laboratory Instruction, 1996.

Other Notable Achievements

J.De Vault, W.Hudson, M.Hossain, Robotic Inspection Apparatus and Method, U.S. Patent No.5, 857,534 issued January 12, 1999.