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Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Don Gruenbacher

Don Gruenbacher
Department Head and Associate Professor
 2061 Rathbone Hall
 (785) 532-4692
Research Interests: 
Data Communications, Digital Design, Error Control Coding, HDL Synthesis and Modeling, Intrusion Detection, Networking, Networks Protocols


Ph.D. 1994, Kansas State University.


Fall 2008 - EECE502 - Electronics Lab, M 2:30 P.M., DUR 1061

Fall 2008 - EECE542 - Local Area Networking, TU 8:05 A.M. - 9:20 A.M., DUR 1061

Other Courses Taught

EECE241 Intro Computer Engineering

EECE512 Linear Systems

EECE541 Digital Computer Design

EECE542 Local Area Networking

EECE742 Data Communications

EECE841/690 Wide Area Networking

EECE849/641 Advanced Digital Design Synthesis

EECE861 Noise Theory


Research Interests

Networks Protocols

Data communications


Error control coding

Intrusion detection

Digital design

HDL synthesis and modeling

Selected Publications

A.Serener, B.Natarajan, and D.M.Gruenbacher, "Optimized LPDC Codes for OFDM and Spread OFDM in Correlated Channels," accepted for IEEE Spring Vehicular Technology Conference, April 2007.


S.Kopparthi and D.M.Gruenbacher," A High Speed Flexible Encoder for Low-Density Parity-Check Codes," Proceedings of the 49 th IEEE 2006 Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems,2006, August 2006.


A.Serener, B.Natarajan, and D.M.Gruenbacher, "Lowering the Error Floor of Optimized Short Block Length LDPC Coded OFDM Systems via Spreading," Transactions on Vehicular Technology, currently in revision prior to second submission.



Graduate Program Coordinator for EECE-2006.
EECE Department Head Search Committee (Spring 2006).
Chair of Session N4 - Wireless Ad Hoc Networks for Consumer Communications.
Reviewer for IEEE Vehicular Technology Conference.


Eta Kappa Nu Distinguished Faculty Award 2003

Other Notable Achievements

Head of the Department 2007-present
Gruenbacher, Don M., National Aeronautics and Space Administration, $8,333, "Wireless Communication and Signal Processing Methods."
Gruenbacher, Don M., US Department of Energy, $50,000, "Quality Dependent Traffic."