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Ruth Dyer

Ruth Dyer
Associate Provost & Professor
 202 Anderson Hall
 (785) 532-6224
Research Interests: 
Bioengineering, Control Systems, Signal Processing 
Ph.D. 1980, University of Kentucky
Other Courses Taught
EECE512 Linear Systems
EECE590 Seminar
EECE747 Digital Signal Processing
Research Interests


Signal processing

Control systems

Selected Publications

Ruth A. Dyer and Beth A. Montelone, "An Institutional Approach to Establishing Professional Connections," in Transforming Science and Engineering: Advancing Academic Women, A. Stewart, J. Malley, and D. LaVaque-Manty, Eds., The University of Michigan Press, October 2007.


J. D. Spears, R. A. Dyer, S. E. Franks, and B. A. Montelone, "Building A Network to Support Girls and Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics," Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, Vol. 10, No. 2, pp.161-177, 2004.


B. A. Montelone, R. A. Dyer, and D. J. Takemoto, "A Mentoring Program for Female and Minority Faculty Members in the Sciences and Engineering: Effectiveness and Status After Nine Years," Journal of Women and Minorities in Science and Engineering, Vol. 9, issues 3 & 4, pp. 259-271, 2003.



Entrepreneurial Curriculum Task Force,2007 (Co--Chair)

Distance Education Restructuring Task Force,2007

CORES Steering Committee,2006-present

Strategic Planning Committee,2006-2007

Faculty Incentive Salary Task Force,2006-2007

Dean of Engineering Search Committee,2006-2007

Assoc. Vice Provost for Academic Services and Technology Search Committee,2006 (Chair)

Distance Education Guiding Principles Task Force,2006-2007

Pandemic Flu Task Force,2006-2007

University Scholarship Committee,2006-present

Effective Classroom Use Task Force,2006 (Chair)

Interim Dean of Engineering Search Committee,2006

Tuition and Fees Committee,2005-2006

University Honors Program Director Search Committee,2005

Assistant Provost Search Committee,2005 (Chair)

Enrollment Management Group,2005-present

Center on Aging Advisory Council,2005-present

Summer School Coordinating Committee,2004-present

University Assessment Facilitators Committee,2004-present

Special Assistant to the Provost Search Committee,2004-present (Chair)

Assistant/Associate University Attorney Search Committee,2004-2005

NCA Focused Visit on Assessment Preparatory Committee,2004-2005 (Chair)

NSF ADVANCE Project Executive Committee,2003-present (Co-Chair)

NSF ADVANCE Project Steering Committee,2003-present (Co-Chair)

Schedule25/Resource25 Coordinating Committee,1999-present (Chair)

GROW Project Steering Committee,1999-present

KSU Mentoring Program Selection Committee,1998-present

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE):Senior Member,1995-present

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE):Member,1986-1994

IEEE Instrumentation and Measurement (I&M) SocietyMember,1995-present

Elected Member, Administrative Committee (AdCom),1999-2002; 2003-2006

IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Technology Conference (IMTC)Member,Board of Directors,1997-present

Society of Women Engineers:Senior Member,1994-present


Eta Kappa Nu Distinguished Faculty Award 1986,1994.

James L. Hollis Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, 1996

Mortarboard KSU Outstanding Instructor, 1997

Other Notable Achivements

Association for Women in Science, Fellow, 2006

American Council of Education (ACE) Fellow, 2003-2004

Summer Institute for Women in Higher Education Administration, 2000

"Collaborative for Outreach, Recruitment, and Engagement in STEM (CORES): GROWing diversity in STEM at a student-centered land-grant university," Beth A. Montelone, Principal Investigator, Kimberly D. Douglas, Ruth, A. Dyer, Lisa C. Freeman, and Jacqueline D. Spears, Co-Principal Investigators, Kansas State University Targeted Excellence Program, $404,324, 7/01/06 - 6/30/09.

"Clare Boothe Luce Scholars in the WESP Future Leaders Program at Kansas State University," R. A. Dyer, Principal Investigator, and S. E. Franks, Co-Principal Investigator, Clare Boothe Luce Program,Henry Luce Foundation, Inc., $142,292, 6/01/04 - 8/31/07.