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Andrew Rys

Andrew Rys
Professor & Graduate Program Director
 2081 Rathbone Hall
 (785) 532-4665
Research Interests: 
Characterization of III-V and Wide Band-Gap III-N Semiconductors, Design and Processing of Integrated Circuits, Design of Light Detectors and Sources, Solid-State Electronics



Ph.D. 1983, Texas Tech University.
M.S/B.S 1978, Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland.

Other Courses Taught

EECE210 - Intro Electrical Engineering

EECE525 Electronics I

EECE694 Optoelectronics

EECE696 Integrated Circuit Design

EECE725 IC Devices & Processes

EECE895 Solid-State Devices

Research Interests

Solid-state electronics

Design and processing of integrated circuits

Characterization of III-V and wide band-gap III-N semiconductors

Design of light detectors and sources

Selected Publications

A. Rys, K.R. Kuhlman, M.J. Allison and C.D. Davis, "VCSEL Driver Array Integrated Circuit", National Nuclear Security Administration, Kansas City Plant operated by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies, LLC, Research Report, 24 September 2006.


A. Rys and J. Baker, " RFIC, Optical and Analog Circuit Development using Integrated Circuit Technologies", National Nuclear Security Administration Kansas City Plant operated by Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies, LLC, , Research Report, 31 Aug 2004.


W. Hageman, A. Rys, J. Schmitt, J.H. Edgar, B. Liu, and D.D. Koleske, "Capacitance-Voltage Characterization of AIN MIS Structures Grown on 6H-SiC (0001) Substrates by MOCVD", Phys. Stat. Sol.(c) 0, No. 1, 129-132 (2002).



Committee member of College Committee on Planning(CCOP), 2006-2007.

K-State Faculty Senate, 2001- 2007.

Executive Committee of Faculty Senate, 2006-2007.

Faculty Senate Committee on University Planning (FSCOUP), 2001-2005.

Course and Curriculum Committee, chairman 2000-2007.


National Science Foundation, DMR-Major Research Instrumentation, "Acquisition of a Hall Effect Measurement System for Characterizing Novel Semiconductors", James Edgar, Douglas McGregor, and Andrew Rys 08/01/2006 - 07/31/2008.

Environmental Protection Agency, EPA Phase II Proposal, "Solvent-Free Production of Alkaline Earth Metal Titanates for Electronics Applications", submitted to EPA by NanoScale Materials, Inc, Andrew Rys outside consultant, 2007.

Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies, KCP Kansas City Plant, "Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser Drivers", A. Rys 09/29/2005 - 09/29/2006.

KSU Targeted Excellence Program, "Center for Sensors and Sensor Systems", Gurdip Singh, Douglas McGregor, James Edgar, co-PI's, 2005-2007.

Department of Defense, "In-situ Synthesis of Novel Nanodielectric Composites for High Power Capacitors and Passive Applications" Proposal number: F064-002-0296 submitted by David Jones at NanoScale Materials, Inc. Duration: Nov2006-Oct2008.

Targeted Excellence Program, "Center for Biosensors and Biochips" Hongxing Jiang, Jingyu Lin, Zhaoyang Fan, Dean Zollman, Christopher T. Culbertson, and Andrew Rys, 2006.

Other Notable Achievements

Graduate Program Director of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, 2007.