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Network Science and Engineering Group

Contact us

3108 Engineering Hall
1701D Platt St.
Manhattan, KS 66506
Fax: 785-532-1188

Hours: 8 am-12pm, 1pm-5pm M-F


Graduate Courses

ECE 690Prb/Elect Engg/Computer Networking 
ECE 830Adv System Theory (Recommended)
ECE 840Cmptr Eng Method 1 (Recommended)
ECE 841Network Theory (Recommended)
ECE 861App Prob Theor & Rand Process (Recommended)
ECE 890 Adv Electrical Theory- top/Blockchain
ECE 949Top/Machine Learning and Big data analysis (Recommended)
ECE 949Top/Adv Computer Eng (Top/Game Thry/Multi Agent Sys) (Recommended)
CIS 775 Analysis/Algorithms (Recommended)
IMSE 785Big Data Analysis (Recommended)
IMSE 882Network Flows and Graph Theory (Recommended)
MATH 725Math/Data/Networks I (Recommended)
MATH 726Math/Data/Networks II
ME 830Top/Nonlinear Control
ME 830Top/Optimal Control
STAT 703Intro Stat Meth for Sci
STAT 713Appl Linear Stat Models (Recommended)
STAT 720Design Experiments 
STAT 730Mult Stat Methods (Recommended)
STAT 761Scalability for Data Sc (Recommended)
STAT 766Applied Data Mining/Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics (Recommended)
STAT 799Top/Appl Spatial-Temporal Stat (Recommended)
STAT 880Time Series Analysis (Recommended)
STAT 768Applied Bayesian Modeling and Prediction (Recommended)

LaTeX resources

Templates and Sample files

Mathematical Symbols in Latex

The Not so Short Introduction to LaTeX

Producing conference posters in LaTeX

Writing the Master Thesis in LaTeX

Operating Systems and Programming resources

The very short linux commands PDF

Learn C++:

C++ Tutorial

Word file Tutorial for C++

Graphing and Visualization

Graphviz: graph visualization tool

Pajek: Program for Large Network Analysis

KiNG: 3D visualization tool

Research resources

Google Scholar


IEEE Portal

Zotero - Browser Citation Tool (Exports BibTek +)

Mark Newman

Newman's Network Data and Links to others

Pajek Datasets