Mike Wiegers

Mike Wiegers

Michael R. Wiegers graduated from K-State with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering in 1982. After graduation, he joined King Radio in Olathe, Kansas, to design VHF aviation communication and navigation radios. During his 11-year career with King Radio, he worked in new technology areas such as flight-critical software and electronic display systems.

“We are honored to support Kansas State University as it educates the next generation of engineering and technology professionals. My education was made possible through the generosity of others who created K-State programs and scholarships, and I am forever grateful. That is why Lynn and I want to pay it forward and help fund opportunities for students who otherwise might not have access to higher education. We hope our department-naming legacy gift will provide students with the best faculty and programs to enrich their studies and inspire them to become the electrical and computer engineers that Kansas technology companies need.” -- Mike Wiegers

In 1993, Wiegers joined Garmin as the lead engineer in marine product design. During his tenure, he has served in a variety of technical and business leadership capacities in all Garmin consumer product segments.

Wiegers was named to his current position of vice president, consumer engineering in 2010 and directs the day-to-day operations of Garmin’s worldwide consumer engineering group.

He was named the 2018 College of Engineering Alumni Fellow at Kansas State University.