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K-State Epicenter

K-State Epicenter

Kansas State University
Electrical and Computer Engineering
3083 Engineering Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506

Phone: (785) 532-4646

Hours: 8 am-12pm, 1pm-5pm M-F

Projects & Publications


ksuBeefing up the Beef Transport System

nsfEffectiveness of contact tracing for detection of Ebola risk during early introduction of the virus within the USA (NSF link)

usdaModeling Japanese Encephalitis in US using Interconnected Networks (USDA link)

nsfSpreading Processes over Multilayer and Interconnected Networks (NSF link)

nsfProblems in Function Theory with Applications in Epidemic Modeling (NSF link)

ceezadModeling a Rift Valley fever risk surveillance system and testing efficient mitigation strategies for the United States

ksuInterconnection of Human Responsive Behavior Patterns and Epidemic Spread Dynamics

usdaNetwork models for soybean rust epidemics: Adapting to aerially-dispersed pathogens

ksuNetwork partitioning for mitigation of epidemics

ksuAgent-based simulation for zoonotic diseases in rural region

ksuA Probabilistic Network-based Model Approach for the Development of Efficient Epidemic Strategies for the City of Chanute, Kansas

nakfiQuality of Care and Network Properties of Outpatient Health Care Delivery

nsfComplex network approach to epidemic spreading in rural regions

ksuPredicting rabies exposure risk and evaluating intervention methods with spatially explicit, dynamic contact networks

ksuA novel diffusion model describing the absorption of chemicals through complex biological membranes

ksuOptimizing antimicrobial treatment regimens to minimize the spread of resistance

ksuTheory and design of robust complex networks