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Electrical and Computer Engineering

William Kuhn K-State Personal Page

billWilliam B. Kuhn, Ph.D. (Bill Kuhn)

Professor Emeritus (retired)
Electrical and Computer Engineering
3114 Engineering Hall
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-5204


RF and Microwave Design at K-State

Creating real-world product designs in a single semester...


Our main RF and microwave hardware design courses include ECE662 and ECE764.  In the senior-level EECE662 course (design of communication circuits) students design/build/test and document FM broadcast receivers such as those shown here.  In the ECE764 senior/graduate course offering (Microwaves and antennas), typical projects have included weather satellite receivers and CWFM radars (above).  The structure of these courses is documented in a paper published at the Frontiers in Education conference in 2000.

Additional courses include ECE765 (RFIC design), ECE696 (Intro IC design), and various special-topics courses offered under ECE690 or ECE890 numbers.  Check out our students' work from these courses!  
900 MHz Digital Cordless Telephone - Fall 1998 EECE690/890 Course


Full Resume in PDF (last updated Sept 2016)


Ph.D. 1995 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 
MSEE 1982 Georgia Institute of Technology 
BSEE 1979 Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 

Professional Experience

1983-1993 Georgia Tech Research Institute 
1982-1982 NASA Ames Research Center 
1979-1981 Ford Aerospace and Communications Corporation 

Selected Journal/Conference Publications


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